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Dental Posts

When the top of a tooth is lost due to decay there may be very little for the crown to actually hold onto. To gain 'retention' as dentists call it, a post is placed inside the tooth which forms a peg on top of the tooth and acts as a seat for the crown. Post crowns have a shorter lifespan than normal crowns as the roots may be brittle and weaker. Usually a post crown is a better option than having the tooth extracted with a subsequent denture or bridge.

Our clinic provides 2 types of dental posts: standard posts made of fiberglass and individual posts made in laboratory.

Standard posts have standard shape and are manufactured in a factory. They are usually used when bigger part of the tooth is still in place and it is strong enough to hold such post. If a tooth is broken almost to the edge of the gum, it becomes very difficult to reconstruct it. Our dentist has to take an impression and send it to dental laboratory, which will prepare of the individually shaped post, which will suit the needs of a concrete case.

Lab dental posts are usually a bit more expensive than the standard dental posts, but have better treatment results in a long term.

Dental post

Dental post after installation